Triathlon goal setting

Ironman triathlon goal setting

Spring is here and with the warmer days and longer daylight hours many of you are probably dusting off bikes, re-setting goals or maybe just feeling a little more motivated.  Sound like you?  Maybe you’re thinking about doing an Ironman, 70.3 or many of the other wonderful triathlon events.   I spent my weekend on the Gold Coast with 550 other bloggers learning the ins and outs of all things blogging (what a buzz) but many of the sessions seemed to be speaking out to our Ironchick world.  One of the speakers in particular (Matthew Michalewicz) spoke as though he was talking STRAIGHT to the Ironchick community.  I wish I could have put you all in a time machine so you could have heard him speak.

It was all about setting goals and success.  I couldn’t help but relate all that he was saying to triathlon racing and I desperately want to share some of his insights with you because it is GOLD.

Matthew spoke of successful people and how they are the GOAL setters.

HOORAY, I believe that’s you already!  If you have ever entered, trained for and finished a race, you’re a goal setter.

Ironman triathlon goal setting

Time to renew some goals?

  1. Define what your goal is and what being successful means to you
  2. Define the people who can help you achieve your goals and be around them
  3. Find out their goals – community helps you connect your goals to your heart.

Matthew went on to speak about the amount of DESIRE you have to achieve your goals.

Think about that.

You can set goals, but sometimes there is no true desire embedded in that goal.

“Goals that create emotion connect to your soul”  and with that comes intense power.

Heart goals are precious!  YOUR heart.


Let me give an example. …

I know I speak a lot about my late Mum in my posts, so bear with me.  She died in 2009.  2010 was my first Ironman back after having the kids.  My goal was to run the whole marathon during Ironman Australia (Port Macquarie).  When I was tired, I thought about Mum when she was weak.  When it was windy, I imagined it was her helping me along.  I even remember one part of the run where I heard a flock of birds, I thought of Mum.  Who knows why?

I had a goal and (through my Mum) it was connected to my heart.  Nothing was going to stop me.  Goals with desire are strong.

Do you think I ran the whole marathon? YUP!

Do you think I wanted to walk?  YUP

Might sound a bit wishy-washy or maybe you can think of a time when you’ve really had a connection to your heart with your goals?


Whatever you believe, you will act on that belief.      Belief = actions = results

Ironman training beliefs

But there are factors that can and will impact your beliefs so be aware of them!

  1. The people around you.  They might try to drag you down.  Be careful.
  2. Lack of knowledge.  Maybe you just don’t know how to go about the training yet, or you’re unsure on what a race involves.
  3. Sneaky doubts.  Use the people around you and your knowledge to help you silence the doubts.  Everyone has them.  When you seek out the answers/knowledge you can control them.  (ie; If you’re scared of open water swimming = gain knowledge.  Watch open water vidoes, swim in the water, talk to open water coaches.  Get control.  Have a processs to overcome the doubts).

You’ve got your goal

You’ve listened to your heart and its still strong.

So why do Ironchicks sometimes still not act?

  1. LACK of desire.
  2. LACK of belief
  3. Not sure HOW to do it
  4. FEAR

Desire and fear are actually opposites and you will constantly battle with them.   Don’t let the fears win.  By writing your goals and desires down early on you can win that one hands down.

If the fears keep presenting themselves, ask yourself

“Do I want the goal more than I fear it?”

If the answer is yes, then your desires will overcome the fears.

FEARS will always be present.

“What if I blow up in the run?”

“What if I don’t finish the race?”

“What if I cramp?”

Fearing the unknown is GOOD!  Goals take you to the unknown.  The more unknown the more fear.


Think about your first race.  How nervous were you?  I was ridiculously nervous.  Did you have lots of doubt?   Yes.   Do you remember your fears?

I bet you do because it was all unknown.

I’m sure that as you have become more “use” to racing, you’re probably still just as nervous but you’ve learned to silence the doubts and fears?

GOOD. WORK.  Ironchicks.


That is huge.

Just watch the profesionals before a race.  How focused do they look?  You can almost see their goals in their eyes.  They are living and breathing their goals and you can see the heart connection.  Yes, shit might happen on race day, but I believe they have mastered this process ……

Setting goals

Connecting to the heart with desire

Gaining the knowledge

Putting everything into practice

Ensuring DESIRE wins over FEAR.


Boom.   Would you like to have a go?

Don’t be afraid.  Set your goals.  I did this on the weekend and it felt weird, hence I shared this below image with my Facebook family 🙂

delusional goals
Maybe my goals are too delusional but I bet my unicorn friends will enjoy the ride 🙂

Now, if I don’t achieve my goal, I won’t crumble, but it will help me stay focused.


Lets do this all together.

Put it out there.  Maybe you could set some goals today?  Keen?  If you do and you’re keen to share, add them in the comments below!

A big thank you and full credit of these ideas and concepts goes to Matthew .  Another big thanks goes out to the ProBlogger  conference crew for creating a space where bloggers can learn, create and be inspired.  #pbevent was a BLAST!


I really love our Ironhcicks community, we all get it.  This crazy world of training and racing.

Happy training Ironchicks,

Catherine Thiele
Cath xxxx

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6 thoughts on “Triathlon goal setting”

  1. This is a great read! Thanks!
    My goal is to actually complete my very first triathlon! I’m aiming to be ready by January 2015 to compete in the sprint Pink Tri here in Melbourne. I’ve put my goal out to the World so people know about it… just working out HOW to accomplish this.
    Having not ever competing in any of the disciplines before, this is all new to me… but you set your sights high right?

    1. Danielle. We’re glad you put it out there. NICE WORK. Working out HOW to do it is actually the trickiest part ~ especially when it’s all new. Keep an eye out for the “Australian Triathlete ~ Pink issue” magazine because it targets female athletes and anyone new to the sport will find it helpful. There is also lots of stuff available online. Have fun, enjoy the adventure and let us know how you go. Cath