Training – the addiction and the feelings

Ironman training addiction feelings

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately.  There is something about having a holiday that makes you realize just how crazy hectic life can be.  When you  slow down a bit, sit back and take stock, you can come back feeling more energised and focused!   One thing is certain – I’ve realized that I am dead set addicted to exercise and all things Ironman.

Addiction according to the Mr Google dictionary is “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is physiologically or physically habit forming….”

Then it went on to say that it can be damaging for your health etc, etc, blah, blah, but I left that bit out.

DONE.  I’m addicted.

Enslaved” is a bit dramatic but I definitely love the habit part.  I can also relate to the training as being both physiologically and physically habitual.  If I don’t train I go a bit nuts!

But training without a race focus is a whole new level.  Training for the LOVE……

Some days I’m pumped and energized “C’mon lets go.  Let’s pump it.  Let’s set the alarm for 4:30am who wants to run 15kms. YAY

Then other days I am…. “Really.  Intervals?  But I’m tired.  3km swim.  Really.  Who would rather go to coffee?”


I’ve been talking it over with mates, trying to process what race/s I should sign up for. Maybe that will help my inconsistent training motivation.   Normally I just sign up for a race and then ask Bruce (hubbie who is my coach) for a program. At the moment I’m like a round-a-bout, going around and around with my decision.

One thing is certain; I can’t wait to race.  Hopefully next year.


Making the decision to race isn’t always clear-cut.   Often there isn’t an epiphany.

I have written about this before – “Registering for an Ironman; some considerations”


I do know that many of my favourite things in the world are pointing me back to the starting line of an Ironman sooner rather than later


It’s that feeling.  Or should I say its THOSE feelings……..


The feeling you get when you are doing your thing –  whether that’s in the pool, running or riding.

The solitude

The friendship you get with your body

Those feelings of excitement when you can see yourself improving

The sweat

The thoughts

The doubts

The friendships you make with your training buddies

The fact that you CAN do it, when so many other people can’t

The mind challenges

That feeling when you lay in bed, tired legs and body and you’re smiling knowing that you’ve done a few or maybe just one solid training session.

Then lets not forget that feeling of finishing or achieving a goal.


It doesn’t matter if you are training for a 10km run, your first 70.3 or an Ironman, I bet you are also addicted to one or two or maybe all of those feelings.


My favourite is the feeling of improvement.  Maybe not always in terms of improved times, but when things get a little easier or you’re going faster with less perceived effort.   Not improving from last year, but from yesterday.

I love that shit 🙂

What feelings are your favourites?  Are you addicted like me?

Happy training Ironchicks



PS – If you’d like a new kit, all Ironchicks kits are $95 (jersey and bib) and in August orders come with a FREE hat.  Get on it girls 🙂

I love my new "colours" kit.
I love my new “colours” kit.

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4 thoughts on “Training – the addiction and the feelings”

  1. hi Cath,

    Great blog. I was just driving home from work today thinking time to get back into things. Clothes are getting tight, feeling unfit and frumpy, you can smell spring is coming and you know you are ready when THOSE feelings you want again. So my winter break of good food , rest , is up. My mind is ready to go and my body is defiantly saying get out there. I admit two things yes I love it but need the carrot to chase . Like having the goal there. Not sure what life will be like without racing. Will I be able to just go for a run ???? Hmmm

  2. I’ve been calling that feeling “the superhero feeling”. I’m addicted to that feeling, knowing that when I set my mind to it I’m capable of anything!