The Ironman Tiff – when you and training don’t see eye to eye

The Ironman triathlon Tiff

I had a mate ask me the other day why haven’t we heard from you on Ironchicks for a bit?” I had to stop and think because I didn’t really know my answer. Then I blubbered out “because we are having a lovers tiff”

That’s it.

Right now, Ironman and I are having a little lovers tiff. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Ironman, I’m just having an altercation with the idea of training for and racing an Ironman.

Like any relationship, I felt we were just on a wheel, doing our thing, round and round, again and again, with no real intent or focus. This happens in many parts of life, but when it’s “training”, it was important for me to stop and rethink because it consumed so much of my time.

The cliché saying “do it for the love” is true and my love was slowly becoming resentment because training was something I was trying to jam in between life. It was feeling like another chore.

I’m sure you’ve all had moments like that. I know I have, but usually the bigger picture and/or personal goals have pulled me through.

Here is why I think taking a “break” or “long service leave” from Ironman has served me well…..

  1. I have a new perspective on what normal life feels like (where I’m not tired and sore all the time). It has made me realize how grateful I am for the training and racing moments I’ve had in the past.
  1. My desire to train is coming back. With this, I’m having clearer focus and purpose in what I want to achieve.
  1. I’ve loved watching and supporting those around me from the outside. I admire ANYone stepping up to an Ironman start line. That in itself is HUGE and admirable. When you are in the rut of it, you don’t even really realize how special it is. Impressive stuff and I love being able to share these moments with my buddies.
  1. I’ve been able to spend more time with my family without being tired. I think I’ll go for Mother of the Year (insert the expressionless emoticon).

I think it’s ok that as Ironchicks we don’t ALWAYS show how tough, resilient and strong we are, especially when we are managing families and/or work.

It’s ok to STOP, rethink and refocus.

That’s the beauty of the sport. We do it WHEN we CAN.

That’s a bit deep and meaningful from me today. Geeeez, must be time for me to go for a long run 🙂

Good luck to my dearest buddies racing Ironman NZ this weekend….. Jennnnne and Loz.

To the Ironchicks preparing for Ironman Australia, brace yourself and be ready, I’ll be there (in costume) to cheer every single one of you!   AND when people say “how do you do it?” and “you really are amazing”, BELIEVE them, because you are!

Happy training & racing

Ironman Australia Caths finish






PS; 24hr Mtn biking racing in a team is sounding FUN 🙂

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