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After reading that title, I feel this should be written in baby blue or pastel pink.  I am happy to finally launch Ironchicks as a forum for female runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes and athletes.  The idea nested in my head some six years ago and my inner Ironchick is now OUT.

Training and racing is such an amazing, key element of my day to day life!  I love to hear people’s stories and experiences and I love to see how a run or a swim can change someone’s day or even their outlook on life.

So why blog?  Every day I see or hear someone share beautiful insights into their day and how someone or something has helped them achieve their goal (whether that be big or small).  The insight might be as simple as where they got their new togs or as complex as to how they’ve managed to do a 5km run, make lunches, do school drop off, pop into work and still make swimming training by 9:30am.

There are so many positive and encouraging people out there achieving wonderful things – this forum can help all Ironchicks feel they belong as we share each other’s victories, goals and failures.  Share, discuss, celebrate, enjoy and embrace all that is in an Ironchicks life!

I don’t know everything and I will never imply that I do.  This site is a sharing forum.  I’m keen to hear your ideas, insights, needs and wants in relation to the sport.

Sign up, belong, become an IRONCHICK.  With the membership you have the opportunity to

–          share your race reports (Anyone, any event, anywhere – we want to hear about it.  If you’re keen to share, email me)

–          help test run and review new products (Yes, you can then keep them)

–          Share your training photos

–          Have new blogs emailed directly to your inbox

–          Comment, encourage and inspire other women

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8 thoughts on “The inner Ironchicks voice – MY FIRST BLOG”

  1. Hi There Cath! awesome website, can’t wait to see all the discussions and love the look of LuluLemon! I’m only now getting back into sport (tennis) after having my kids and have been pretty bamboozled with all the sportswear available now…one thing I can’t seem to find is a really good tennis skirt…I’m just not that keen on the ones with shorts underneath, they end up riding up and resembling undies anyway…very uncomfortable ones… happy to have a skirt with built in sports undies though….or should I just give up on that idea and buy a skirt and then buy the sports undies??
    keen to hear your thoughts! x

    1. Thanks Emerald. Definitely DON’T give up on the idea – surely there is something out there. You know I will keep an eye out and if i see anything I’ll let you know. I know Lululemon do a range of tennis type skirts – check out You also might like to check out – they stock Nike, Adidas and they have a good range. I will keep an eye out for good “brief” ones! Thanks x

      1. Hi Catherine, still keen to hear but just saw LuluLemon’s ‘cinch’ dress! had to buy plus some sports undies and I’m set! 🙂

  2. Wow! I was just thinking last night how great it would be if there was a blog for female runners, riders, swimmers etc! Then I wake up this morning to see that Styling You had linked to this little baby! Awesome!! Look forward to being a part of the community.

  3. I’ve just starting using a HR monitor in the hope of improving my running. Do people have useful sites to learn more about effective heart rate training?

  4. the site is awsome Cath, thank god for my running buddies this morning they helped me with the log in I love the fact that if you need help theres nothing like a run with the girls to get sorted…….

    1. Hooray lovely Tracy. Nice work team!!! It’s good for me to know so I can have a play around with the settings to try to make it a little easier. x