The Female Tri Suits that you like

Female Triathlon race suit favourites

Lets face it, when we race we want to look good. We want to wear something that will make us look/feel strong, help us jiggle a little less and thirdly (and possibly most importantly) keep us comfortable.

Yes? Do you agree? Does your triathlon suit do that?

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a conversation on a Facebook Group {Triathlon Marketplace} regarding female triathlon suits (note; this is a great place to buy and sell triathlon gear however there have been some dodgy transactions of late, so be careful).

A lady, Emma had asked for race suit recommendations and the female triathlon community were more than happy and willing to share their favourite suit brand and testify its qualities.

After sifting through the 90+ comments three things struck me

  1. How willing people were to share their favourite suit brand
  2. How wonderful the triathlon community can be when sharing information
  3. Holy shit, there’s a lot of brands that stock female specific triathlon suits

Isn’t it wonderful that we are in a sport where people are more than willing to help out and share insights online AND that “female specific” is well and truly a common place concept.

I love triathlon.

What startled me the most about this triathlon suit recommendation conversation was just HOW many different companies now have female specific suits. Some of the companies only make female specific suits.   Yes, I’ll say it again, they ONLY make female specific suits – nothing else!

That’s great news!

After looking over what all the women were suggesting via the Triathlon Marketplace comment forum, I thought I would compile a list of twelve of the most popular/recommended triathlon race suit brands as suggested by YOU.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t actually you personally, but there were a lot of Ironchicks on that forum sharing their ideas.

If you are in the market for a new race suit or you just have a race gear buying addition, you can start your research right here at this blog (Note, these brands are only based on what I saw, if you have something different to add, be sure to add it to the comments below).

* in no particular order *


You only have to watch a triathlon to see how popular Soas race suits are. They are renowned for being extremely comfortable with their many wonderful designs. Many professional women and amateurs are embracing these two piece race suits.  From what people have told me, it’s the material, designs and leg length that help Soas stand out from the rest.  Check them out.

Barcelona Suit $95 for the top and $95 for the pants.  Due March 3rd (pre-order online)
Barcelona Suit $95 for the top and $95 for the pants. Due March 3rd (pre-order online)

Smashfest Queen ~

Smashfest triathlon suits (and cycling kits) have been slowly becoming more apparent  in the Australian market.    I rarely go for a ride without seeing Smashfest cycling apparent. The bright, original designs are not only original but are known for being very comfortable.  With  Hilary Biscay behind the brand, you know it’s been well tested! 

Gorgeous variety of two piece suits
Gorgeous variety of two piece suits



As the name implies, this Australia company only produces suits FOR-her. We noticed the success of this new business during the Noosa triathlon where they sold out of many of their suits and triathlon pants. Women were trying them on and falling in love with the design, comfort and fit.  

foher triathlon race suits
They have a range of black and colourful two piece and one piece race suits



Be Bold, be edgy, be unconventional” – What a great catch phrase for this  fantastic brand.  The funky triathlon suits, cycling apparel and other gear screams strength and attitude in a feminine manner.  The race suits are easily distinguishable and very comfortable.

Betty Designs have wonderful two piece suits
Betty Designs have wonderful two piece suits


COEUR Sports ~

This is an American based company (so if you’re in the US it’s definitely worth checking out because they have free postage incentives).   These women’s specific triathlon tops and shorts are  “designed for the highest level of performance by competitive triathletes“.  That’s always a good thing.

coeur sports race suits


If Huub is good enough for Caroline Steffen, it’s got to be good for us! I have been fortunate enough to get to know  the Australian distributors of this brand and they are hard-working and passionate people. The people aside, the suits are clean cut and fast!  HUUB make their suits with  FORM, FIT and PERFORMANCE as the focus and it shows.  The swim skins suits are schmick and currently on sale for $299 (originally $349).  Gorgeous and FAST. This below suit is a Huub Womens Tri suit ~ $199

huub design race suit


I had never heard or even seen this brand but since checking them out online I am impressed and proud to see they’re all Australian.  Not only does the brand sound exotic, you can tell that it is well made. The gear is designed and made in Australia using Italian materials – it doesn’t surprise me that people recommended this suit.  Anyone have anymore insights?  I’m intrigued.  Comment below.

What a great looking suit~ tri$249.00


This brand has been popping up at many race expos and it is obviously working because many women complimented the suit and value for money.


2XU ~

2XU have dominated the design of race suits over the years and they are yet to disappoint. While their designs might be a little conservative in the colours, they are well tested and proven to be great.  I have collected many 2XU race suit and race pants over the years and I’ve always found they last forever.  

Womens Long Distance Triathlon Race Suit ~ $200
Women’s Long Distance Triathlon Race Suit ~ $200



Based in Victoria, Australia, Jaggad race suits have also started to become very popular for racing. Maybe it’s the clean lines, flattering designs and extreme value for money?


jaggad race suit
Women’s Bala Long Distance Tri Suit – $149.95


Scody have been around for decades, which helps you know that it is a brand that has been tested well on the market and it’s still here. Scody not only makes a variety of race-suits for purchase, they also have a department dedicated to making custom apparel.

scody triathlon race suit
Shell Optimise Lightspeed Tri Suit ~ $204.69


There you have it.

How cool is that?  There are so many suits out there for women.

Continue to share the love. …. if you have a favourite brand or you own one of the above suits, let us know what you like about it.

Happy training Ironchicks

Catherine Thiele Ironman Ironchick triathlon
Cath xxx


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10 thoughts on “The Female Tri Suits that you like”

  1. Love this…thanks for sifting through and collating the information. I wear Soas for long course races …. I find them really comfy and love that the tops are extra long and don’t ride up. Although I am very small….5″1 and just over 50 kg, I am still curvaceous and find that Soas is really comfortable. I am now heading off to check out the other brqnds you have mentioned 🙂

  2. Hi Cath,

    Funnily enough, only days ago, a lady on Instagram commented on one of my photos asking about the Betty Tri suits… She got a link to this article!

    Some great info here!

    L xx

  3. Fantastic range and so great to see so many Aussie companies making women’s specific tri gear. Great to see new designs and colours to now chose from. I’ll be checking them all out for my next long race outfit . Thanks Catherine 🙂

  4. Oooh i didnt know Steigen did tri suits. They do probably the best running socks I’ve worn so if thats anything to go by i might have to try their suits.

    I’m a big rap for Jaggad, great fit and feel, feels like i am not wearing anything!!!

  5. Great summary. Love my SOAS gear and planning to get some more.

    I raced in the US last year and also noticed a huge presence of ‘Zoot’. I’ve never worn them as I don’t think they have a big Australia presence but it felt like every second woman was wearing them.

    Has anyone worn them who can recommend?

  6. Thankyou so much for including FOHER in your wrap up Cath! Hannah and I worked very hard to offer women a flattering and super comfortable trisuit that is made right here in Australia, and we are overwhelmed at the support we have received since we launched at Noosa Tri last year. We are consistently seeing our ladies come back to us saying how much they love racing in their FOHER suits, so we are excited to see what 2015 holds for our little Aussie company!! Ladies, Get Your FOHER On!! x Kylie