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Saying NO to a Kona spot – Ouch?

A Kona spot.  A chance to do an Ironman in Hawaii. The World Championships.  The pinnacle of our sport.   The well sort after spot that I had chased, thought and dreamed about for so many years.  At Ironman Melbourne this year third place got me a spot and I said NO THANKS!  “No thanks Mr […]

Training for an Ironman and working full time

It’s Monday morning and many of you are probably on your way to work, thinking about work or already there!  Working full time and training is a constant juggling act and without organisation, commitment and the love of the sport it would be impossible.  For today’s blog my training buddy, Kacey shares how she manages […]

Kona Program Week 1; Two lessons learnt

A week has passed within my Ironman program and there are now less than 100 days until Kona.  Quite a few interesting things have happened this week that I think will help my preparation –  I can only hope. Part of the week involved scientific and clinical elements (the stuff I don’t usually like) and […]