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Hawaiian Ironman Race Report 2013

I often wonder about what makes an Ironman special.  Many people say that nothing compares to finishing your first. While I agree, I can honestly say that I have gotten something different from all my Ironman finishes and Kona 2013 will be “the one” I will always remember.  This is how my day panned out…. […]

Training for an Ironman and working full time

It’s Monday morning and many of you are probably on your way to work, thinking about work or already there!  Working full time and training is a constant juggling act and without organisation, commitment and the love of the sport it would be impossible.  For today’s blog my training buddy, Kacey shares how she manages […]

Base Miles Training

I’m finding myself in the “Base Miles” part of my program.  The colder weather is upon us so I have certain rituals that I tend to do every year before things start to turn up again…. I turn off my Garmin, put the Heart Rate monitor away and focus on getting some quality base miles […]