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Measuring racing success; A Reflection

Ironman sunshine coast 70.3

“Did you have a successful race?”         “Was it a good day?” “How was it?” – I’m sure you get these questions all the time. A month or so  ago I had the privilege of getting to race in my backyard for the 70.3 Ironman World Championship (I know, I’m a bit late).   […]

Bench marking and the vomit feeling

benchmarking ironman training

I’m back on an Ironman program and it’s really enjoyable but geez some parts are  hurting.  My latest love/hate relationship has been with ‘benchmarking’. For those of you who benchmark for swimming, riding and/or running you’ve probably cringed and then smiled when you read that word. For those of you unsure of what benchmarking is, […]

Triathlon goal setting

Ironman triathlon goal setting

Spring is here and with the warmer days and longer daylight hours many of you are probably dusting off bikes, re-setting goals or maybe just feeling a little more motivated.  Sound like you?  Maybe you’re thinking about doing an Ironman, 70.3 or many of the other wonderful triathlon events.   I spent my weekend on the […]

Ironchick Alison’s Cairns 70.3 Race Report

Today’s race report comes from Ironchick Alison who raced her first 70.3 at Cairns this year.  I can reassure you that her race recall will give you goose bumps and inspire you regardless of how many races you’ve done. Alison’s can-do attitude,  “I could do this, I AM doing this” reminds us how setting a […]