Sunshine Coast 70.3 Ironman ~ Pinky’s Race Report

Many of you made wonderful suggestions as part of our Ironchicks birthday giveaway  survey ~ one of them was you’d love to read more Ironchick race reports.  Well I’ve got a pearler for you.  Meet Pinky.  Pinky and I became social media buddies a while ago and I feel like I’ve know Pinky forever (ummm, do I sound like a stalker 😐 )  Pinky competed in the Sunshine Coast 70.3 Ironman last weekend and she has an amazing story to share.  

Honestly, you will giggle out loud.  Who knew detox / training zits were such a thing….. I think Pinky is onto something!  As for the term *CUSS, you can decide what replaces it 🙂

Thanks for sharing Pinky and a big Congrats from all the Ironchicks.

Pinky racing Sunshine Coast 70.3 Ironman
Kacey and I “stalked” Pinky during the run for a racing selfie.


On Sunday, I successfully finished my first 70.3.


I had a 4.5 month training program to complete beforehand. 3.5 months in I got sick. I figured it was like every other time I have been sick in recent years- a virus- rest and ride it out. Turns out it was bronchitis. CUSS. This is important to mention as, up until then, nothing I had expected to go wrong or expected to get in my way, had happened. I expected that the training demand was going to be very challenging along with full-time work, family, being a nice human and stuff but, that went very smoothly! I also expected a physical injury.

When you train, you detox.

My husband has a theory that the detox is about releasing stuff from the past that is stored in old fat cells. Interesting theory, right? Every 4 weeks I would get an angry looking zit in a spot where I never get zits and be like ‘Ohhhh, that one is from 1988, that time I found Dad’s jar of M&M’s in the shed and ate them all‘.

My husband and I laughed about the Bronchitis. We decided it was my body trying to sabotage me after stopping me from doing athletics as a kid due to asthma. “NOOOOO! YOU CAN’T DO A 70.3 BECAUSE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE SICK, POORLY KID!”


So yeah, I was all like, this is cuss, I have one month before the biggest race I’ve ever done and I’m sick and unable to train.

I was well aware that my sickness was temporary and things could be a whole lot worse for me, perspective, I got that. I do believe that training for an event and competing in an event, is, at the end of the day, a first world luxury. “Oh, look at that! The roads have been closed off so I can ride my bike along the beach while ingesting food and drink and I paid money to do it! Lucky me!

Alas, it doesn’t change how frustrated and ripped off you feel, oh, and angry. You give it a week, another week, it takes 3 weeks from you and you still feel like cuss. There’s no finish line with being sick sometimes.

It was a long and crappy battle to get better and come race week, I felt nothing like the person who had been training her butt off through winter.

No good, no good.

I felt weak and lousy, a cold came in just as I felt better, it was there the night before the race too. Seriously.

Earlier in the week, I had resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to get the times I hoped for. It was my first 70.3 so the times were really just my gauge of where I was at.

It was now ALL about finishing.

Physically I didn’t feel ready for it at all. The other bugger of a thing that I was prepared for was saddle issues on the bike. I had trialed a new saddle from a bike shop, it took a few weeks to get used to. I’d also done a 100km ride on that saddle after breaking it in and my ass was fine. By the time I went ahead and bought my own, I was sick and not training. I expected that my sit bones were used to that saddle but as it was new and not broken in, could give me some pain on race day. Just a bit…oh wait…A LOT! Ah cuss it, I’m going to the start line regardless of how cuss I feel and I’m doing it.

So, we go to the race. Haven’t trained for 3 weeks. Did my little bits of pre-race training the week of the race and coughed and spluttered my way through a short bike ride.

There’s a lot to be said for being fit and healthy. It’s everything.

The swim was lovely, not very crowded and only a couple of guys swam right over me, you know, there was no one else around, they just COULDN’T SEE ME OR FEEL ME but that’s ok because I know swimming karate, it’s a thing, pretty sure.

Got out of the swim and was happy with the time. Expected.

Bike time. Things I was worried about starting this leg: CAN I POSSIBLY FINISH THIS RACE ALIVE AFTER BEING SICK, nutrition, saddle.

I was cruising along, very happy with my pace, eating and drinking until about 50km in and my butt started screaming at me.



Like I said, I expected some discomfort but not this. I was up and down from then on (literally) and my pace dropped right off. Then I was all like, I’M A SLOW RUNNER, WHAT IF I DON’T MAKE CUT OFF BECAUSE THE BIKE WILL TAKE 5 HOURS! Ok, I didn’t take that long but in all honesty, it’s the only time I have HATED being on the bike. Ever. It was bloody awful. The good news is that fitness wise, I was still feeling good and took in almost all of my nutrition.
Run. I ran my first half marathon 7 weeks before this race.

My program has been all heart rate based, there wasn’t any speed work. I was training for endurance and distance, not speed. When I started the run, the sun was starting to belt down.

I know, I know, that’s WHAT A VICTORIAN WOULD SAY! {As a local, it was a bit hot Pinky ~ Cath}

I trained through a Victorian winter and no longer have skin that is used to sun exposure, like when I was a Queenslander. Here we go again, WILL I MAKE IT OMG!

A friend of mine who also did this race, agreed with me, that the 2km out felt more like 10km. Crazy. I got to 8km and my brother saw me and asked me how I was going. I was dead set freaking out that I wouldn’t finish in time. I had felt that way the whole way though, normal when it’s the first time doing a distance but did I tell you I had been sick!? It’s such a confidence sucker.

It wasn’t until I had 4km left to go that I even uttered a sound. 4 K TO GO! I yelled out to the volunteers who were spraying us down with hoses…4 K TO GO!



Sunshine Coast 70.3 Ironman
Heading in to get “that medal”

I was actually, properly smiling by then and picked up the pace. I met a lady on the way to the finish line and we ran together. It was her first 70.3 also. We hugged at the end.

As I crossed the finish line, my brother was smiling his head off and the Ironchicks crowd cheered me through, then I saw my friends, one whom had also finished his first 70.3, they were there waiting to hug the crap out of.


70.3 Ironman Sunshine Coast Pinky bits
Pinky’s new BFF – her medal

My next 70.3 is on February 1st here in Melbourne. My bike saddle will be well worn and I hope for a healthy, injury free ride to the starting line, with a chance to really see what I can do. Can’t wait.

A big shout out and thank you to everyone who supported me through the months of training, the race day and the celebrations after. I can’t name you all but BIG LOVE TO EVERYONE, oh and 70.3…I LOVE YOU MORE…NO YOU HANG UP…NO YOU HANG UP!


Nice work Pinky. What a legend.  Can’t wait to hear how your Melbourne race goes for you (I think it’ll be a blinder).  If you’d like to follow or check out Pinky’s blog, you can find her at

Im almost anticipating my next “training zit” so I can analyse it’s NASTY past.  

Thanks for making us smile!  You’re an Ironchick through and through!

Catherine Thiele Ironman Ironchick triathlon
Cath xxx


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Good luck, Cathxx


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4 thoughts on “Sunshine Coast 70.3 Ironman ~ Pinky’s Race Report”

  1. So so funny…my daughter Gemma and myself were on the run course volunteering and Pinky just stood out a mile. We loved cheering for you and it was great to read your race report…it made us both laugh. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I remember you both Sara! Thanks so much for cheering the ‘speechless’ me on 🙂 You guys are so awesome for volunteering, so very much appreciated 🙂 See you in 2016 perhaps? 🙂