Presenting & Speaking

I LOVE to talk (just ask my friends).  Here are some topics that I love to talk about….

Time Management – making time for yourself & exercise
I am teacher, mum and wife who loves to exercise.  How does that all happen?  A huge balancing act and some time management.  This presentation will discuss issues pertaining to making time for exercise and making it an integral part of your life.  It will explore the positive relationship you can create with YOURSELF and managing your time to ensure you foster that healthy relationship.

Motivation & Goal Setting:
This presentation focuses on how to stay “motivated” 365 days in a year.   The word “motivated” is deconstructed and the audience will explore what it means to them personally. It will also explore how setting goals can help you achieve this. This will be illustrated with examples and anecdotes from my personal exercise experiences, however, the principles can be correlated to any personal or work orientated goal.

Catering for your needs
Do you have other ideas?  I would love to work with you to create a presentation that SUITS your audience and project more specifically.  Send me an email and we can tailor something that will be relevant and engaging for everyone!

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