S#!@ Where’s my chain? What have you forgotten?

Things you've forgotten

Have you ever turned up to a training session, or worse still a race, without something?   Some things are just trivial items that are not really needed but you’d like, and then there are the essentials.

Last week I forgot my chain = essential.

It was quite comical actually.

Sunday ride, 4:35am and I was about to roll out my driveway when I looked down to notice that I had no chain.

Shit, where’s my chain?

Following my realisation the following three things happened….

Firstly, I tried to process how I could still get out for a ride. Where was my chain? How could I get it back on my bike? How could this all happen without waking the kids? All those typical questions that seem like difficult life decisions when it’s 4:35 in the morning and you’re still half asleep.

Secondly, I messaged all my cycling buddies telling them I was bailing. I had to send a photo to prove I was telling the truth.   Where’s the faith? Although my “I have no chain” text would have been a little peculiar.


Lastly, I contently crawled back into bed still wearing my cycling gear (why do we do that – it’s so bloody uncomfortable when you’re in bed) and tried to enjoy a sleep in, secretly still wishing I was riding and still trying to work out where the heck my chain was!

What have you forgotten?

I’ve been known to forget a drink bottle, nutrition and gloves for training sessions, all things that were annoying at the time but not crucial.

Kace forgot her timing chip one year at Port mac Ironman.  Funny now, not at the time.  It caused tears, a mad dash back to the room and she wears her timing chip for 12hrs before a race now!

We also have a training buddy that arrived to ride without his helmet. He had ridden all the way from home without realising!  Whoops!

So where was the chain?

My chain was sitting in our parts washer.  My darling husband (say that through gritted teeth – although I am very appreciative) was giving it periodic clean OF COURSE.  Haha.

This weekend DON’T FORGET your chain….. and your drink bottles, nutrition and other essentials.

Happy training,

Catherine Thiele Ironman Ironchick triathlon
Cath xxx





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5 thoughts on “S#!@ Where’s my chain? What have you forgotten?”

  1. I had forgotten to pack goggles for Ironman Western Australia last year, borrowed a spare pair of my brothers (who was also racing) – but they leaked the entire 3.8km. Lesson learnt

    1. Nice work Chantal’s brother. Shame they were duds. 🙂
      I always take two pairs to races now…. one tinted and one non tinted. Not entirely sure why, but I figure someone could use them if needed. I bet you never forget again.