Pumpkin seed, ginger and cinnamon cookie RECIPE

pumpkin seed cookies

I made these delicious cookies a few months back and shared them on Instagram.  I’ve since had a few people ask me for the recipe…. so here goes.

Tania Hubbard created these babies in her  “gluten free, grain free, food we love” book.     I adjusted it a little bit, but if you check out her website or book you will see loads of other wonderful recipes!!



2 cups pumpkin seeds

1 cup coconut palm suger or rapadura sugar (a friend suggested I should try 1/4 cup of rice malt syrup instead?)

2 tbsp ground ginger

1 tbsp cinnamon

2 eggs



Pre-heat the over to 175 degrees and line a baking tray

In a food processor combine pumpkin seeds, coconut palm sugar, cinnamon and ginger until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Add this mixture to a bowl and add eggs.

Combine well.

Use teaspoon to pick up enough mixture for a cookie.

Press down lightly with your fingers to make a cookie

Bake for 15 minutes



Enjoy creating these healthy little treats.

Happy training Ironchicks


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