Protein Ball Recipe #2 – Coconut Bombs

My Thermomix guru friend, Mel is always telling me how wonderful life is with her Thermomix.  If I’m having an affair with the sport of Ironman, Mel is having an affair with her Thermomix.  She REALLY loves it.  I even found myself glancing at the Thermomix website the other day after a coffee catch up with blogging guru Nikki from @Styling You.  She too is taken by the Thermomix phenomia.

The need for a Thermomix is slowly dominating my thoughts  –  DAMN you marketing gurus with your fancy parties with delicious, healthy food prepared so easily.  Damn that I have just raced and now have a little bit of spare time to frolic around on the internet.

After swimming Mel and I were chatting and I mentioned that I loved coconut……… 2 hours later she sends me a picture of these coconut bombs that she had just made up and cooked.  GO MEL.

I had to share this with the Ironchicks community.  So nutritious and yummy!

Coconut Bomb Protein Ball Recipe.

1 cup / 130grms cashews
1/2 cup / 50 grms walnutsProcess- 5 secs speed 7


1/4 cup/ 20 grms goji berries
1 cup / 50 grms coconut
1 tbs cocoa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2 tbls Protein Powder

8 apricots (preservative free)

Process to desired consistency – closed lid, turbo button


2 tbs honey
2 tbs water. (You can play around with whatever fluid you want to use)

Closed lid, turbo a couple of times until comes together

Roll into balls
Roll in coconut

Enjoy!  Mel xx

I wonder how long it will take before I part with $1900 for a Thermomix.  Probably another decade.  In the meantime I’ll enjoy beautiful Mel making me yummy treats and happily encourage her Thermomix affair!

Happy training (and cooking healthy little snacks)


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