Ironman NZ – Jenna’s first Ironman

Ironman NZ Race report

What brings you to doing an Ironman, 70.3 or any triathlon?  Who knows, but I do love reading how women become empowered by their achievements.  We throw the words “anything is possible” around in the Ironman world and in this lovely race report from a first time Ironman finisher (Jenna) you will definitely find yourself pumped […]

The Female Tri Suits that you like

Female Triathlon race suit favourites

Lets face it, when we race we want to look good. We want to wear something that will make us look/feel strong, help us jiggle a little less and thirdly (and possibly most importantly) keep us comfortable. Yes? Do you agree? Does your triathlon suit do that? A couple of weeks ago I noticed a […]

Down there CARE

down there care women cycling chafing

Ok ladies, its time to talk down there care.  Not as in pruning and grooming, but as in survival mode/down there CARE suggestions so we can sit on our bikes without screeching like a banshee and so we can step into the shower after a long ride without cringing as we discover which parts have […]

Here’s to us….

  I have loved making this one.  It’s almost like an Ironchick manifesto ~ whatever it is, it’s exactly how I feel when I’m preparing for a race.  Enjoy 🙂   What did I miss?  Be sure to add your ideas in the comments below.  Hopefully we can do a second one.  

Welcome to IronChicks

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