10 Honest truths about Ironman

honest truths about Ironman triathlon

We love the sport of triathlon, particularly Iron-distance races, but I recently felt it was about time we told some of the honest truths about Ironman. Good, bad, ugly and a little light hearted. Obviously these are just ten things I’ve noticed, feel free to add anything to the comments below…..     1.  Costs […]

Never too old to Tri

too old for triathlon

Early this year, a friend of mine Laura met some amazing women during a 4-5 day Purplepatch camp in Kona.  One of them, Celia at the young age of 67 left a lasting impression with Laura and many of the other female camp-goers.  It doesn’t surprise me – Celia has it all; funny stories, positive mantras, life […]

Riding Hills – love or hate?

Riding HIlls - how to improve

Bloody hills. Hill climbing. Building muscle. Slow and steady base miles in the mountains. If you’re anything like me, these above words make you shudder. “But riding hills is good for you” WHATEVER I know it is good for me and I honestly love riding hills, but for whatever reason I tend to get dropped […]

Pip’s Ultraman Australia Race Report

Ultraman Australia Pips race report 2015

Do you know much about Ultraman?   I didn’t, until recently when I discovered it was coming to the Sunshine Coast.  Athletes apply to be invited to participate in the Ultraman Event – 10km swim, 420.2km ride and 84.3km run which is held over three days.  Ironchick Penelope (Pip) Holland was one of the lucky ones who […]

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