Travelling & Racing – with kids in tow!

Travelling and Racing – with kids in tow? Aloha from Kona, Hawaii.  We, as a family have made it to Hawaii!  Lets be serious, travelling for a race is stressful enough, add two kids under six and it (can be) a whole new level of stress.  Our previous blogs discussed tips for training when you […]

A Male’s Perspective – living with an Ironchick

I would like to introduce you to Brian.  His marriage stocks have just risen thanks to this little blurb he has written for our forum.  Brian is married to an ironchick.  A tough chick who loves to train and race.  This is his take on “living with an Ironchick”…… ————–   —————    —————   […]

Jet Lag and Racing

Jet Lag & Racing Have you ever travelled for an event?  Local events are often less stressful on the body than races involving a long flight.  The packing, flying time, inability to sleep, food and general icki-ness involved with flying can often leave you feeling sluggish & jet lagged.   This can take its toll on […]

Training Photos – Capturing the moments

Training Photos – Capturing the moments Have you seen something great while you’ve been running, walking, swimming or riding? Have you captured those moments? It is not unusual for me and/or the people I train with, to stop, grab our phone and take a quick picture of a sunrise, mountain view (or more often than […]

Women running in Fluro = A FLURO FEST!

Feel like a Fluro Fest Run? On the weekend a bunch of top ladies decided to do something a little different for their Sunday Run…….A Fluro Fest   What is a fluro fest?  It was the idea of the coordinator and trainer of this particular group of women.  To help lighten spirits and to get […]

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