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Lately my training buddies and I have been on a mission to find new female specific cycling kits. I can honestly say it hasn’t been easy, but we’ve found some rippers (not literally, hopefully).

Yes, I may have to sell off a few organs to buy some of these kits, but it’s crucial that I’m comfortable and look half decent while riding isn’t it? If not for the riding, definitely for drinking coffee post ride?

To my readers who are cycling purists, while I will endeavour to find and buy kits where everything matches (including socks) you need to understand that as a povvo-triathlete I am OK with just wearing black knicks with every jersey. Things are changing though… I’m almost addicted to the notion of ONLY wearing kits that match (insert gasp – this is a new thing and it may pass after I’ve had to sell one of my children to fund my matching kits).

Before we go into some of my favs, I would like to take a moment to thank the HELL out of Instagram.  Instagram, you are a delightful little shopping haven for time-poor, tired female cyclist.  KUDOs.

TEN of my current favourites.  If I’ve missed yours, add it to the comments below so other readers can get your insights….


#1:  Coeur “Lakota” cycling jersey – available in Australia via Velorose $125

I have this jersey and the material itself made it one of  the nicest jerseys I’ve ever worn.  It is soft and breathable and the fit is extremely flattering and feminine.  Excellent pockets too! Velo Rose showcase many of the Coeur cycling kits so be sure to check them out.

Women cycling jerseys














#2:  Machine For Freedom “The Thrive Print

$175 US “Free shipping, free returns, no minimum, just good vibes

Love, love, love this jersey and the “good vibes”.

Machine for freedom











#3:  MAAP Frame Team Jersey

$180 AUD; MAAP have been creating some really original designs for these well made kits and we just love the Navy!!!

Best womens cycling kits










#4;  Betty Designs Boom Cycle Jersey and Knicks

$119.95 US each – It’s worth checking out all the Betty Designs kits.  YES, they post to Australia.

best female cycling kits












#5: Jaggad Candy Stripe

$179.95 AUD  for The Candy Stripe jersey. In light icy tones to remind us all of childhood treats & sweets.  Yes. It. does.

best women kits












#6; Catfish Designs Watercolour pineapples

$119 AUD  jersey,  $149 AUD knicks- I saw these at a recent expo and they were selling quickly.  If you’re keen, get online quickly.

Best cycling kits










#7; Black Sheep Cycling

I shouldn’t even be teasing you with this image from Black Sheep Cycling’s “season eight” because they have sold out.  I was feeling rather poor when they released this season and I’m now a bit cranky.  Did someone say “sell something Cath, then you’ll be ready for season nine?”.  If you’re not on their mailing list for season nine – get on it  🙂

Best cycling kits women







#8; Tineli Britta Cycling kit  

$119.95 AUD jersey, $119.95 AUD knicks

A good friend has this kit and she loves it.  Again, we are loving the navy! This picture doesn’t do it justice – it is really nice!

Cycling kits women










#9 Velocio ES kit

$412 for the kit.  Time to sell my kidney.  This kit is gorgeous as are the others on their site.  This is my latest obsession! LOVE!

Best cycling kits








#10  Vanderkitten Revelation Pro Jersey

$129 plus international shipping.  Vanderkitten have always created unique designs for women.  This full kit look great!

Best womens cycling kits










There you have it.  Some of my current favourites.  What is your favourite kit at the moment?  Don’t forget to share it in the comments below.

instagram logo Ironchicks IronmanAnd for all of the Instagramers out there, if you didn’t know about Kitwatch Cycling and/or Kitfit Cycling, start following NOW – STAT!  They showcase all the new kits as they are released.

Aloha (because Kona is only 2 weeks away)

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Blog image credit; Machine of Freedom




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