First Marathon Race Report – Meet Jess

I love hearing from people taking on challenges, achieving them and then looking for something new J.  Meet Jess….  An everyday lady who fell in love with running and decided to do her FIRST marathon at the Inaugural Sunshine Coast Marathon Event.  In this report, Jess shares her marathon training regime, how her network of supporters helped her and of course race day experiences.  Nice work Jess!!! Thanks for sharing.


What was the event?  Where, when, distances etc.

Inaugural Sunshine Coast Marathon – 42.2km Sunday 26th August 2012

Can you give us some details regarding your relationship to this event?  Why did you choose to do it?

As it was the inaugural Sunshine Coast Marathon it seemed fitting to make it my Inaugural Marathon as well.

Did you have any obstacles, challenges or issues while training for the event?  Any other highly positive things that help motivate you?

As a wife, mother and nurse I experience all the usual demands that we all face.  Children, Husband and work often take priority in our lives before ourselves or our own needs.  Before embarking on this journey I have to admit I did ask my husband if I could do it.  I wasn’t seeking his permission – just his support.  I didn’t want him to feel burdened with all my training.  In this regard I am very fortunate as he is also a very active guy and has goals of his own to achieve so we tend to support each other, but in saying that I don’t think either of us realised the focus required J

I also have a group of gorgeous friends who have provided endless support, motivation and encouragement throughout my journey.

Race day debrief.  Tell us about the day.  Specifically, we would like to hear how you felt mentally?  What did you learn about yourself, your body and your mind?

The day was exactly what I wanted.  I was excited and nervous to begin, I knew I had done my best in training, I knew the miles were in me – I just needed to do it.  I have previously suffered from nauseating anxiety before other competitions so I have researched how to deal with this and use it to my advantage.  I continually convince my self that my nerves are normal and are part of being excited to be there not nervous about my performance – I know this wont work for everyone but it works for me.

So here I was very, very  excited.  For the most part during the race I felt amazing, strong and invincible.  That all changed at about the 33km mark – but that was all part of the experience.  I know now that I have really pushed my body to the edge and I had to use every bit of my mind to keep going – but I did and that’s all that really matters.

How has this event changed your life (if it has) and/or has it inspired you to try something new?  If so, share.

As yet I am not really sure.  I know I want to do another marathon – shhhh – don’t tell my mum or my hubby (Jess, don’t let him read this – hee hee)

Let it rip – what else would you like to share?  This is your time to shine…….

My journey to the Inaugural Sunshine Coast Marathon began early in 2011.  A girlfriend at Alex SLSC invited me to run with a group of her friends on a Wednesday morning at 5am.  I am a active girl, love the gym and sport and wanted to continue this and provide a positive role model for my children, and I have always, always been an early bird so why not?

WOW, could these girls run!!  I had never been involved with a group of ladies like these.  They were fast, they had goals (half marathons no lessJ) and they had proper running programmes.  I was shocked, in awe and totally hooked.

Over the course of a couple of months I began to run with them twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday but was still cautious about these “Sunday Long” runs.  They were doing 12km – 17km, oh my god I could never do that – they didn’t even look puffed.

In January of this year an email was circulated about a girls weekend away in May, but there was a catch – it involved a half marathon ?!?  I decided to give these long runs a go – I had nothing to lose (except my breath !) and everything to gain.

So the May weekend came and we ran – I loved the Half Marathon – had fun with my friends and didn’t even get too nervous.  Around this time the Inaugural Sunshine Coast Marathon was being advertised.  When I got home I had a chat to my hubby and asked if he thought I could do it?  Next I asked the running girls.  There were Yes’s all round – so I was off!

The Marathon website provided a programme and I researched a few of my own – one of the girls in the running group also did up a programme for them to complete the Half, so somewhere in the middle I came up with a plan.  It involved, cross training (Gym, board and ski paddling), Interval training, Hill Training and the Long (sometimes very long) runs.

My friends were with me every step of the way.  Some ran early, some ran late and missed coffee, some even cycled with me to pass the long slow km, but eventually we made it to that magic day in August.  I will forever be grateful for the support and encouragement I received from these ladies.  They helped carry me through many a mental crisis when I wondered if I could actually do it.  And on the day they were there, around every corner cheering me on.  At that very stage when I was fading a couple of them even joined in with me to coax and support me til the end.

My achievement on that day was mine, but also shared with my fabulous friends.

They enabled me to dare to believe I could do it – then encouraged me to achieve.  I can’t wait now to plan my next challenge – another marathon ?  The possibilities are endless…

Jess xox

Congratulations Jess – An Awesome thing for you to achieve 

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3 thoughts on “First Marathon Race Report – Meet Jess”

  1. A fabulous report Jess. Everyone around you thinks you were very courageous with this brave solo endeavour. You should be very proud of yourself!

  2. Hi Jess,
    What a great read – thank you. I am 18 days out from completing my first half marathon! Feeling quite nervous already!

    I live in Cotton Tree and I think I see you running past my unit on a Wednesday morning – I have evebn followed from a distance once or twice. Is it possible to join in on these runs at all – or is it a Surf Club thing?

    Ta 🙂

    1. Laura, hello. I’m not sure Jess will see this but I know that the group you are asking about is actually a surf club group….. all the more reason to join?!?!?!
      All the best for your first half marathon