Instagram; who to follow and a mini-debrief

Who to follow on Instagram and a mini debrief

When I’m not working, training, napping or hanging with the family, I’m on Instagram. I dig a quick Insta photo fix. I also love how I can tag friends without anyone knowing, especially on the really inappropriate stuff… #guilty

I know I should write that the images motivate and inspire me, but they don’t really. I just like looking at them, especially the pics from my virtual Ironchicks – I am honestly amazed at just how good some photos are!

Today’s blog has two parts.

1.  Firstly, I’ve shared fourteen of my favourite Instagrammers.   I have others that I love, but these 14 are my favourite Ironman/triathlon related Instagrammers.

  1. An instagram debrief because some things are NUTS 

So lets get started with some some of my favourite Instagramers. I’m ready for some new Insta love, so should you know any other favourites, share them in the comments below.


@babesridebikes and/or @lotdeux – Because we are all babes and Adrienne knows how to rock a good kit and take great bike photos.

people of instagram

@Vesterbytri – because smiley Michelle makes training look like so much fun.

People you should follow on instagram

@liz_blatchford – Another female pro sharing her training and positive outlook via Insta.
liz blatchford

@caroline_xena – Because Xena is a racing machine and a dead set champion (with the cutest dog)

Caroline Steffen Xena

@koruptvision – Awesome pictures – training, racing and the ocean. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Korupt vision ironman photo

@dellyphotoninja – Surely you’re already following Delly Carr – the best photographer in the business, but if you’re not, get on it.
delly carr

@ginnylovestri24 – I love following this lady….. mostly so I can  try to work out which filter she uses on her photos, but also because I love that she has fairy lights in her training room. I’m not sure why I love that, I just do 🙂

Ironchicks on Instagram

@whywetri – Well worth the follow although I wish we got a photo daily. These everyday Ironman women share their “why” quotes. Very cool.
Why we try instagram

@beardmcbeardy – For the BEST cycling images. Awesome.

Beardy McBeard Instagram@4shaw_official – Awesome socks and even better images.
4 shaw sock instagram

@danmacpherson – Because he is smoking hot (as is his wife) and he loves a good bike, running, training or racing photo.  Dan McPherson & Zoe

@ronronmtb – Michael has the BEST mtn biking (and any biking) images and he’s a top bloke.

Michael rocking iNstagram

@Conradrodas – This guy has mastered taking great photos in some amazing locations. He definitely makes you feel like getting out there amongst it.
Ironman on Instagram

I’ve also heard the @ironchicks is good, although her images are not overly fancy!  Definitely worth the follow.

Feel free to throw a #ironchicks hashtag when you’re training too.  Let us all see what you’re up to.


Now I need my debrief. These are just a few of my observations….…

  1. HOW THE HELL do people take such good photos while training? There are some very talented people out there.   Some of you must be  crazy arse photographers living on the edge to get your shots.   I admire your commitment.  In some of the training shots I see, you guys look great – I never seem to look that good.  Full credit to those dedicated athletes.
  1. I know over-hashtagging might get you more likes, but the times I’ve done it I’ve ended up with more “women-in-lingerie” profile likes rather than actual athletes. I think I’ll stick to just getting REAL people like my photos for what they are rather than random ‘likers’. Wouldn’t you agree?                                                                         So if you hash-tagging is dictating your training, as Macklemore would say “mow your damn lawn and sit the hell down”. I don’t even really know what that really means, but I think Macklemore is onto something.
  1. Has anyone else noticed that there are a fair few people out there that take other athletes photos to create their instagram account. I don’t quite get that. I love the original photos that show me who you are and what you’re doing. Be original people – you’re worthy! Show us the good, bad and ugly…….. that’s what Ironman training is anyway, right?

4.  Credit where credit is due.  I’ve also noticed that some people take others photos without giving any credit.  Not. cool.

5.   Ohhhh and to the people who go through my Instagram account liking 50 photos but not giving me any follow love – I’m onto you!  You build up my precious ego and for a brief moment I hope that someone actually really liked my pictures.  {Please know that I am joking – although not about the annoying part, it is bloody annoying}.  Does this happen to anyone else?

So enjoy Instagram this training season and make sure you have a good friend nearby that will show you some good Instagrammers to follow OR to tell you when you’re being a dick on social media.

Happy training & racing Ironchicks

Now HASHTAG away xx

Kacey and I.  Photo thanks to Stef
Cathxx                                  Photo;




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