How ARNIE can help you have your best race

How arnie can help you have your best Ironman

A work colleague  shared an Arnold Schwarzenegger clip – “The 6 rules of success.”  The entire time I was watching it I was thinking about how I could apply it to racing.  As the rules went on, it occurred to be that they are actually more pertinent to how you approach your training and your attitude towards training day in and day out.

Success is measured in many different ways for many different people, but no doubt, for every race you’ve got some sort of goal you’re trying to achieve.  Hopefully one of these rules (or maybe all of them) strikes something with you.

Maybe it’s something you could focus on for the next training block?  I know there are a heap of things I need to remember and have taken from Arnie.

rules for ironman success


I love this.  Imagine if every time you trained, you trusted yourself and your body 100%, no matter how crazy it may seem.  Arnie goes on to say that once you identify WHO you want to be and WHAT makes you happy, you are truly trusting yourself.  It is also important that you need to learn to dig deep to discover this.

I know I go back to this anecdotal a bit; but during one race when I thought I had no more to give and that slowing down the pace was inevitable, Bruce yelled out to me “your legs won’t fall off, trust yourself“.  It was so true.  How many times do we push ourselves and then surprise ourselves.

For me, this is one of the main reasons I LOVE THIS sport.  I’m constantly surprising myself and learning to trust my body!  I bet you are too.  Daily.



This is good.  To get out of your comfort zone you have to break the rules and think outside the box.  Think about how you could do this with your training?  For the record, taking drugs or cheating isn’t breaking the right rules – that’s just cheating (which seems a little strange coming from Arnie…… anyway) !  It’s more about breaking rules personally to get the best out of yourself.

One of my favourite times we do this  (that I secretly hate) is when I’m riding……..some of the people I train with will often suggest we go home via a big hill (insert sigh) or we push the last interval on the CompuTrainers 20 watts higher than normal just to prove that we can.  We are breaking the rules, only slightly, but it is secretly great fun.


How many times do we hear triathletes say they’re going to “go until they blow“?  While it may sound a little cocky, if the training has been right, they are actually unlocking this rule of success.  They’re not afraid to fail.  There is no fear.  They really believe they can push themselves because they believe whole heartedly in their vision and themselves!


Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and your abilities.  This sounds simple, but it isn’t at times.  Have people that encourage you and your visions.  The people who believe “YES YOU CAN”.  Obviously this is a give and take kind of rule, be sure to support those around you too!


This is my favourite Arnie!  Work your butt off.  Tick all the boxes.  Leave no stone unturned.  No pain: no gain.  All that good stuff.  It’s always good to work your butt off when no one is watching – that’s when the real personal gains are found.  No one has success through luck, they’ve all had to work hard!


It’s good to hear that Arnie has this as one of his rules.  Giving back to the community, country, a charity or the sport teaches you so much about yourself and others!  Volunteer at a race for five hours and you will never view volunteers the same again.  Fundraise for a charity next time your race.  Give back some of your wisdom to the new people in your training group.  Giving back is good for this sport which can at times be all consuming.

Set aside five minutes and watch Arnie talk about these rules of success.  See if anything resonates with you…..

Happy training Iron chicks


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