Down there CARE

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Ok ladies, its time to talk down there care.  Not as in pruning and grooming, but as in survival mode/down there CARE suggestions so we can sit on our bikes without screeching like a banshee and so we can step into the shower after a long ride without cringing as we discover which parts have been smashed.   You know the sting.  Ouch!

Why is down there care important?

Here are my three simple reasons {in no particular order}

  1. We want to continue to ride without pain and discomfort
  2. We want to focus on riding not wiggling around on the saddle trying to get comfortable
  3. We still want to have a sex life!

Our down there region can get quite nasty after you’ve spent hundreds of kilometers on the bike.  I know this is not a good visual (for anyone) but if you have pain, saddle sores of chafing it can make spending time in the saddle excruciating.

Here are a few thoughts and suggestions that might help you think through how you CARE for down there.

Tough love

I know this one sounds weird, but your dear little vee-vee will toughen up (I’m not sure where vee-vee came from…. that’s a new one for me).  I know you don’t really want it to toughen it up, but in the long run it will be for the better.  I haven’t closely examined my “region” over the years, but I can definitely say that I rarely ever chafe or get aches anymore.  If I do, its’ usually on my inner groin and usually because I’ve worn bad knicks.  Your bones, muscles and tendons do get used to the feeling after long rides.


I had a new bike fit last week with Michael at Custom Bike Fit   and I loved his saying “a good saddle in the foundation of a good bike fit“.  It’s true – so test and try different saddles.  So many people SWEAR by their saddle, but it might not work for you, your fit and your shape.  If your local bike shop or bike fitter lets you test them – take them up on it.   Many seats on the market claim to reduce the pressure on certain areas so it’s worth giving them a shot before spending the money.

Once you have a saddle you like, remember it needs to be changed regularaly.  How regularly depends on you and how much you ride.  I tend to change my saddle every 18mths – 2years (but I have also changed one after one year because it started to give me pain).

Do you have a favourite saddle?  Help the community by sharing your thoughts in the comments.  If you swear by it, you might actually help someone out by passing on your knowledge!

Bike Fit

Like mentioned above, saddle sores, chafing and pain can actually come from the bike fit.  You may be too far forward or too far back or there could be a series of other issues.  If you have done the fit yourself or with the bike shop, don’t be afraid to discuss your discomfort with them.  You should try to fit your bike so there is no discomfort “down there”.

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Bike Knick Chamois

If you’ve checked off the above and you’re still getting pain, it could actually be from your bike knicks.  Try a few different pairs until you find your “favorites”.  I always keep my favourite “non-pain” knicks for my long Saturday rides.  More chamois padding can sometime mean more areas to rub.  Less is sometimes more!


If you have saddle sores or chafing you might need some extra lubrication AND if it gets bad, go see your doctor!  Here are a few of my favourites

1.  Paw Paw Cream – this has always been my “go to” product because it’s easy to grab when I’m grocery shopping, it’s natural (which is good for the region) and it works.  The only downside is that earlier this year I heard they use “Palm Oil” as an ingredient and I do care about the orangutans.   Damn you conscious (I’ll still probably buy it though)

paw paw cream chafing riding women

2.  Hoo ha ride cream – Bel and Kacey got me onto this stuff.  It’s amazing, but tricky to get.  If I see it at an expo or while travelling I always grab some.  If you’re good with Amazon you can buy it through them (but postage costs a fair bit – buy through Amazon here).  Does anyone else know where we can get this great glide cream in Australia?  If so, comment below.  Otherwise, when you see it, stock up!

hoo ha cream ladies chafing cycling

3.  Striderm – Striderm anti-chafing products are great!  This particular product is a roll on that I use for my runs, but I can use it for cycling too.  Natural.  Well priced.  Great local Queensland business.  Worth checking out.   Visit the Striderm store here 

chafing women cycling

Some say you rub the cream on your chamious but this just seems strange to me.  I’d much rather rub it on my….. hmmmm, that sounds just  a bit sick.  You get the idea.

My final and MOST important suggestion for DOWN THERE CARE……. it doesn’t really need further explanation!

no undy sunday

May all your hoo ha’s be happy, pain free and ready to tackle the world 🙂

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Cath xxx

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