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The running relationship – we are back together

Running and I have had a much-needed trial separation while I gallivanted around France for four weeks.  This week we decided to reunite and give it another go……mainly due to my mental state and the ‘excess baggage’ that returned with me from my trip.  Nevertheless, I can see that we still have a good thing […]

Mums in training video clip – GOLD!

mums in training video ironman

This is clever!  Ironchick Jane is doing her first Ironman this Sunday at Port Macquarie.  She is racing with her daughter Ella. To help document their training experiences they made this funny i-movie clip.  I can definitely relate to the “cooking family dinners” part.  I do recall tying to convince my family that microwave brown […]

Ironman Melbourne Race Day 2014

Ironman Melbourne 2014.  Every time you race you learn new things and this is why I love Ironman racing.  The stories.  This is my Melbourne Ironman story. The preparation was perfect.  I was surrounded by good people, we were having lots of fun and I felt very relaxed.  As soon as race eve arrived, things […]

Rottnest Channel (20km) Swim 2014

Rottnest Channel Swim

If someone said they were going to swim the Rottnest Channel (20km of open water) what would you say?  When I found out a friend and fellow Ironchick, Sara was doing it, I couldn’t ask enough questions….. How do you train for it?  Can you wear a wetsuit?  What’s the water temperature?  I was in […]

Ironman training and being on the edge

Five weeks out from Ironman Melbourne and I’m living on edge.  The mental and physical fatigue is setting in, but at least there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel.  Only a few more hard/long sessions and then it is taper time.  My favourite time of the program (apart from race day). […]

WIN ENTRY – Byron Bay Triathlon

I really love Byron Bay.  The hippies, the kombis, people watching, the whales and don’t even get me started on the Greek Restaurant called “The Cypress Tree”. Deeee-licious.  What a gorgeous beach and what a location for a triathlon.  Absolutely stunning.  To make me love it even more, we have a FREE ENTRY (worth $195) […]

X marks the spot

“X” marks the spot.  The spot where I am right now in my preparation for Ironman Melbourne. It’s eight weeks away (I think). The fact that I don’t even really know how long until race day is indicative as to why the X represents where I am at.  Heading backwards, sideways, around in loops – […]

Finding Time – Part Three “Swimming”

Are you one of those people who grunts or says “meh” or “urrrgh” whenever swimming is mentioned? Do you go pale with the thought of an ocean swim or open water swim? Swimming can evoke many feelings within triathletes.  I reckon there are two types of triathlete swimmers…… 1.  Those who CAN swim.  The “swimmers”.  […]