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Down there CARE

down there care women cycling chafing

Ok ladies, its time to talk down there care.  Not as in pruning and grooming, but as in survival mode/down there CARE suggestions so we can sit on our bikes without screeching like a banshee and so we can step into the shower after a long ride without cringing as we discover which parts have […]

Here’s to us….

  I have loved making this one.  It’s almost like an Ironchick manifesto ~ whatever it is, it’s exactly how I feel when I’m preparing for a race.  Enjoy 🙂   What did I miss?  Be sure to add your ideas in the comments below.  Hopefully we can do a second one.  

Training – the addiction and the feelings

Ironman training addiction feelings

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately.  There is something about having a holiday that makes you realize just how crazy hectic life can be.  When you  slow down a bit, sit back and take stock, you can come back feeling more energised and focused!   One thing is certain – I’ve realized that […]