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Training Photos – Capturing the moments

Training Photos – Capturing the moments Have you seen something great while you’ve been running, walking, swimming or riding? Have you captured those moments? It is not unusual for me and/or the people I train with, to stop, grab our phone and take a quick picture of a sunrise, mountain view (or more often than […]

Women running in Fluro = A FLURO FEST!

Feel like a Fluro Fest Run? On the weekend a bunch of top ladies decided to do something a little different for their Sunday Run…….A Fluro Fest   What is a fluro fest?  It was the idea of the coordinator and trainer of this particular group of women.  To help lighten spirits and to get […]

First Marathon Race Report – Meet Jess

I love hearing from people taking on challenges, achieving them and then looking for something new J.  Meet Jess….  An everyday lady who fell in love with running and decided to do her FIRST marathon at the Inaugural Sunshine Coast Marathon Event.  In this report, Jess shares her marathon training regime, how her network of […]