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Measuring racing success; A Reflection

Ironman sunshine coast 70.3

“Did you have a successful race?”         “Was it a good day?” “How was it?” – I’m sure you get these questions all the time. A month or so  ago I had the privilege of getting to race in my backyard for the 70.3 Ironman World Championship (I know, I’m a bit late).   […]

Our Top 10 cycling kits for women

Womens cycling kits BEST

Lately my training buddies and I have been on a mission to find new female specific cycling kits. I can honestly say it hasn’t been easy, but we’ve found some rippers (not literally, hopefully). Yes, I may have to sell off a few organs to buy some of these kits, but it’s crucial that I’m […]

Instagram; who to follow and a mini-debrief

Who to follow on Instagram and a mini debrief

When I’m not working, training, napping or hanging with the family, I’m on Instagram. I dig a quick Insta photo fix. I also love how I can tag friends without anyone knowing, especially on the really inappropriate stuff… #guilty I know I should write that the images motivate and inspire me, but they don’t really. […]