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Our Top 10 cycling kits for women

Womens cycling kits BEST

Lately my training buddies and I have been on a mission to find new female specific cycling kits. I can honestly say it hasn’t been easy, but we’ve found some rippers (not literally, hopefully). Yes, I may have to sell off a few organs to buy some of these kits, but it’s crucial that I’m […]

Never too old to Tri

too old for triathlon

Early this year, a friend of mine Laura met some amazing women during a 4-5 day Purplepatch camp in Kona.  One of them, Celia at the young age of 67 left a lasting impression with Laura and many of the other female camp-goers.  It doesn’t surprise me – Celia has it all; funny stories, positive mantras, life […]

Ironman NZ – Jenna’s first Ironman

Ironman NZ Race report

What brings you to doing an Ironman, 70.3 or any triathlon?  Who knows, but I do love reading how women become empowered by their achievements.  We throw the words “anything is possible” around in the Ironman world and in this lovely race report from a first time Ironman finisher (Jenna) you will definitely find yourself pumped […]

The Female Tri Suits that you like

Female Triathlon race suit favourites

Lets face it, when we race we want to look good. We want to wear something that will make us look/feel strong, help us jiggle a little less and thirdly (and possibly most importantly) keep us comfortable. Yes? Do you agree? Does your triathlon suit do that? A couple of weeks ago I noticed a […]

Triathlon goal setting

Ironman triathlon goal setting

Spring is here and with the warmer days and longer daylight hours many of you are probably dusting off bikes, re-setting goals or maybe just feeling a little more motivated.  Sound like you?  Maybe you’re thinking about doing an Ironman, 70.3 or many of the other wonderful triathlon events.   I spent my weekend on the […]

Ironman First Timers – 3x Ironchicks tackling IMOZ!

Ironman first timers

I love hearing from Ironman first timers.  The stories –>  how they found the sport, how they’ve found the training etc.   For today’s blog I am introducing you to Rachel (Ray), Dani (French Fry) and Nicole (Nic, Polly) – three NSW training buddies tackling Ironman Australia in Port Macquaire next weekend (insert nervous gasp […]