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Training – the addiction and the feelings

Ironman training addiction feelings

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately.  There is something about having a holiday that makes you realize just how crazy hectic life can be.  When you  slow down a bit, sit back and take stock, you can come back feeling more energised and focused!   One thing is certain – I’ve realized that […]

The running relationship – we are back together

Running and I have had a much-needed trial separation while I gallivanted around France for four weeks.  This week we decided to reunite and give it another go……mainly due to my mental state and the ‘excess baggage’ that returned with me from my trip.  Nevertheless, I can see that we still have a good thing […]

Lessons in Life that Ironman has taught me

Lessons in life that IRonman has taught me

If you have been following Ironchicks for a while, you will know that my blogs tend to revolve around the emotion involved in training/racing and embracing the heart and soul of endurance sport.  WOW, I’ve gone rather deep and meaningful early on.  It has had to happen!   I’ll tell you why….. Late last week […]

The Ironman hangover

ironman hangover

Over the last few months I have been making myself sick on the Ironman love juice and now I’m stuck with the dreaded (but expected) hangover.  The hype of racing Ironman Melbourne and the pressure and expectation of being as large as life while spectating at Ironman Australia (Port Macquarie) has left me here; hung-over. […]

Saying NO to a Kona spot – Ouch?

A Kona spot.  A chance to do an Ironman in Hawaii. The World Championships.  The pinnacle of our sport.   The well sort after spot that I had chased, thought and dreamed about for so many years.  At Ironman Melbourne this year third place got me a spot and I said NO THANKS!  “No thanks Mr […]