Birthday give-away: WIN 1 of 12 prizes worth over $1245

Birthday Giveaway Ironchicks

Two years ago Ironchicks was launched out into the big World Wide Web.  I remember it so clearly ~  I was crapping myself.  I’m not entirely sure why, but as I shared ideas I felt vulnerable and exposed, yet something inside was really excited.

Ironman training can be so lonely, so with the Ironchicks forum I was always hoping we could create community that “gets it”. A community of like-minded women who love to swim, ride and run.

Through sharing thoughts, tips, race experiences and the experiences of others, hopefully you’ve felt a connection to what Ironchicks feel as they train and race.

I have met so many people along the way and I’ve been able to work with some amazing companies and brands.  That is when I get the real buzz

These brands and companies love what YOU do.  They support all the Ironchicks out there.

Go us!

I love that.

It’s now time to celebrate two years of Ironchicks with a birthday giveaway.  To be eligible for any of the prizes you must be a registered Ironchick ~ You can register to receive our monthly Newsletter or Register to get Ironchick blogs sent straight to your inbox.  All the other details are below.

You can only enter for ONE of the prizes below ~ so pick which one appeals to you the most.

Good luck Ironchicks!

——————————— ** THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED** —————————————————–

frankie4 logo.jpg

Frankie4 {valued $275}  

Twelve months ago, I discovered Frankie4 footwear from a lady at work.  I was always complaining about having sore/tired feet after long runs and how I couldn’t find good, comfortable shoes to wear to work.

A few weeks later I got my first pair of Frankie4 shoes and I’m completely addicted.  Often my work outfit it styled around what will match my Frankie4 shoes (especially on long run days).

The beautiful designers/creators behind Frankie4 wish to say Happy birthday Ironchicks by giving away a pair of Frankie4.  Yay!

To enter, all you have to do is check out the Frankie4 shoe range on their online store or on  Facebook ,  then comment below on which shoe would help save your soles in style.  The winner receives a Frankie4 voucher to the value of  $275.

Head to their site, check them out and tell me which shoe would save your “tired Ironchick” soles in style 🙂

(See further conditions below)

These “Julia blacks” are one of my favourites

Did you know FRANKiE4s are the brain child of a local Brisbane Podiatrist and Physiotherapist. They are designed with foot health and STLYE in mind, so ladies you can not only look after your feet during training and racing but now you can look after your feet all day long.


slixs australia

Slixs Australia {5x $80 vouchers ~ Total value of $320}

Slixs Australia swimmers are made by swimmers for swimmers.  For 13 years Slixs have been been designing Australian swimwear  that focuses on fit and quality; ideal for the competitive swimmer.  Over the years, I have had my fair share of Slixs swimmers and I’ve always looked forward to seeing their new season range.  They produce fantastic swimwear at a very competitive price.

Slixs have 5 x  $80 vouchers to be used on their online store.  To have a chance of winning one of the vouchers, all you have to do is be a registered Ironchick and then COMMENT below on which of these two styles you prefer and why.

Do you like the Aqua Swell one piece or the Kryptonite bikini?   GOOD LUCK.

slixs which one

 ——————————————————————————4shaw logo

4Shaw Socks {Valued at $120}

4SHAW are unashamedly proud to be passionate and excited about cycling and it shows. They’re connoisseurs of two wheels, here and now but also appreciate the riding past.

All the 4Shaw products I have purchased over the years have been of a very high quality.  The unique styles and colours make them a real conversation piece.  The socks, in particular, are my favourites and well worth checking out on 4Shaw online.

For your chance to WIN one of FOUR pairs of 4Shaw Neon socks, all you have to do is be a registered Ironchick and then comment below on which would be your favourite colour and why?

Neon pink or Neon green?

We have Four sets of socks to give away to four lucky Ironchicks.

4shaw comp


cycology gear logo

Cycology Gear {valued $39.95}

The very creative team behind Cycology Gear have supported Ironchicks from our first month and we will always be grateful for that.  Our household collectively owns around six of their shirts, and I have always been impressed by the quality of the material along with their funky designs.

Check out their full range online at

If you would like to WIN a voucher valued at $39.95 so you can choose which Cycology Gear t-shirt you would like, be a register Ironchick and comment below telling us why you love riding your bike.

Share the bike love 🙂

This would have to be my pick
This would have to be my pick


velo ink
Velo Ink {value = invaluable}

This is exciting!  The wonderful team at Velo Ink have produced 100 x “Ironchicks” stickers for your bikes

{THIS IS NOW CLOSED.  All stickers have gone to 100 new homes}

The company, Velo Ink allow you to make the coolest personalized decals! They are cycling geeks, and if you ask them (and me), adding a personalized touch to your ride is not just for PROs.  It’s for you and me, and your best friend too.

Would you like an Ironchicks decal for your bike?  

All you have to do is complete this quick Ironchicks survey (I know, I know, I promise it is quick and fun)  and I will send one out to the first 100.

Ironman ironchick sticker
How easy is that.  Get in quick, because they are sure to go FAST!
Here’s the survey link again…..HERE


Body Science Body {Valued over $70 each pack}

I’ve always loved Body Science compression gear, but now their Body For Women products have become a bit of a personal favourite AND a leader in female specific Sports Nutrition.

The products have targeted what a female wants in terms of cleaner sports nutrition and lower calories.

I personally just love the convenience and taste of the “Body Bites” when I’m at work and looking for a protein rich snack.  They often help me get through until my next meal.

We have 6 Body Science packs (see image below) to give away.

All you have to do is comment below “I love my strong body“.

That’s it.  Put it out there.

Love you body and don’t be afraid to tell the world

Ironman training programs
You could WIN one of six Body Science packs


So which one will you enter?

1.  Frankie4 shoes ~ which  Frankie4 shoes would save your sole in style?

2.  Slixs Australia vouchers ~ which style of swimmers do you prefer?  Aqua Swell vs Green Kryptonite?

3.  4Shaw ~ Neon Pink vs Neon Green socks?

4.  Cycology Gear ~ why do you love riding your bike?

5.  Velo Ink ~ Ironchicks personalised Bike Decal sticker ~ complete this survey   and one will be heading your way   #limitededition

6.  Body Science, Body for Women ~ Type below ” I love my strong body!”  {Say it with me}


Man, I wish I could enter.


Catherine Thiele Ironman Ironchick triathlon
Cath xxx








*This competition is NOW CLOSED!  Winners have been notified


Terms and Conditions for prizes

Entries CLOSE 2nd October 2014.

Winners are chosen randomly using and the winner/s will be emailed and published in our monthly Ironchicks Newsletter.

None of the prizes are transferrable.

One entry per person.  Australian entries ONLY sorry.

Slixs Australia and Cycology Gear voucher/s are non-transferrable and must be used for online purchases.

FRANKiE4  shoe choice will be subject to availability at the time. Shop online at and enter unique code found on Gift Voucher. Voucher valid until 19/8/2015. If you need assistance with sizing please feel free to call the FRANKiE4 team on 1300 721 898

Survey details are confidential and only used to improve our Ironchicks website.  The data will help direct Ironchicks 🙂  Thank you xxx


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97 thoughts on “Birthday give-away: WIN 1 of 12 prizes worth over $1245”

  1. Oh my feet are crying out for another pair of Frankie4’s. If I was lucky enough to win, I would choose the ELLiE in Beige – I’m not sure the world is ready to see my still blackened or, indeed, missing toenails this summer. With Busselton 12 weeks away, I can’t imagine the state of my toenails will improve any time quickly either!!

    1. I am choosing the Aqua Swell one piece in blue!! It looks fast and fab so any extra assistance they will give in the pool with my swim training would be be awesome!! Even if they just look good!

  2. Neon pink 4Shaw socks!!!!!! Most definitely to match my beautiful black and neon pink bike…. The boys will definitely see me coming chick them! 🙂

  3. Green kryptonite training bikini – slix Australia

    I’ve trained for the last 2 years in the same 1 piece always ashamed of my few small stretch marks but with a more toned body from training and a new belief that I made 2 humans to earn those Tiger stripes, I’m going to be out and proud this summer and strutting around in a bikini! Bring on Summer!

  4. I’d love to win the Frankie4 voucher! I’ve got my eye on the Julia flip flops. Normally flip flops kill my feet so I’d love a well designed, comfortable pair of sandals for summer.

  5. Aqua Swell one piece swimmers are my pick! My last pair of swimmers were purchased in size 16 after the birth of my son…. I’m now ready to downsize to a 12, and that aqua-blue combo make the perfect summer colours!

  6. I love the aqua swell one piece! Just did my first ironman 70.3 at mooloolaba on sunday and I’m definitely upping my training to do another one and one day a full ironman. Gonna need new swimmers for that! 🙂 I have been too scared to comment on here because i wasn’t even sure I was going to finish the 70.3. But now I have and now I want to get serious about this iron(wo)man stuff! 😀

  7. A pair of Frankie4s look perfect for my aching feet and a pair of iVYs would go great at work where I do a lot of standing and walking around. Happy birthday IronChicks!

  8. I love riding my bike because I love the wind in my face, the adrenalin rush when you hoot up & down the hills & the feeling of satisfaction you get when you’ve just conquered a mountainous hill that you thought you couldn’t do. Plus the added bonus of wearing one if my IronChicks cycle kits

  9. A pair of iVY Frankie4’s would solve the eternal conundrum: how to manage sexy workplace heels after a 20km morning training run without crippling myself?!

  10. I love riding my bike because…. on it I am light and free and rolling away from my troubles and into my happy space. (Just read what I wrote and it sounds awfully like a description of escaping my kids lol)

  11. 4Shaw Socks – NEON PINK ALL THE WAY, because they match my pink bike, my pink helmet, the pink bottle cages, the pink name plates on my bike and the pink kit I wear! Neon Pink 4SHAW Socks RULZ

  12. 4 Shaw in neon green. Because pink is too cliche for chicks! I want to ride outside the square 🙂

    Happy birthday Ironchicks!!

  13. Riding my bike scares me! As a runner, I prefer trusting my own two feet but as a sometimes triathlete, I need to love the bike more. I DO love the feeling of accomplishment I get for tackling the fear head on and pushing beyond my comfort zone.

  14. racing that hard at sunny coast 70.3 to get a stress fracture in the foot and with less than 3 month to go till iM busso there’s only one way to continue training without load bearing your foot: I have to become a green kryptonite fish…

  15. Neon pink socks! Because pink goes faster, also they would match my cycling kit and work uniform, as well as matching nearly all of my possessions… I love pink!

  16. Frankie4 wow what a nice collection of shoes would be deciding between a pair of Jodie, Anna or Julia’s as the day after a long run is never pleasant wish I could wear my havies to work lol but frankies could be the answer 🙂
    Happy birthday ironchicks love being apart of this clan!!

  17. I would have to pick the 4shaw socks in pink but love either colour! They are fun, bright and that’s what exercise is all about!

  18. I love riding my bike because riding is freedom, endorphins, discovery and social time all rolled into one very cool form of transport. Outspeeding magpies, scooters and cars and leaving housework behind for hours on end is an added bonus!

  19. Green kryptonite bikini!! I LOVE green and I’d love to improve on my swimming. Maybe these bathers would help get me there for my very first ironman in melbourne next year! :s

  20. I would prefer the Slixs Australia Kryptonite bikini for an easier changeroom experience! LOL!
    Quick enough to rinse off, change out of the bottoms and throw on a tshirt to head out for a coffee after a swim.

  21. cycology gear – I love riding my bike because it’s unconditional and the best free therapist out there. It really doesnt care if I sing out of tune, swear at it or just straight out tell it how much I love it!!! As an added bonus we Ironchicks can also wear our bike tans with pride – we have earnt them with a lot of miles.

  22. Ooooooh I love the green kryptonite slix bikini!!! (I would love them even more if I looked like that wearing them too ;P )

  23. I would love to win a pair of Frankie4 “Sophie” Shoes because I have just started training for the 2015 Cairns ironman and I need extra comfort and support for my exhausted feet as I work standing up all day and after a long run in the mornings they will give me the much needed support all day long.
    Thanks somuch

  24. The JULiA from FRANKiE4 would help save my soles in style… it’s chic & sleek & with its open toe it’s perfect for the hard running and cycling ironchick!

  25. I would love the Slixs Australia Green Kryptonite togs. This fish feels like a fish out of water sometimes on the bike and run and would love a new pair of bikinis for the summer (Where I feel at home!)

  26. Hi Cath!
    I love the slix swimwear – aqua swell – looks gorgeous (on the model anyway!).
    Happy birthday Iron Chicks!

  27. I love riding my bike as I get to explore some beautiful parts of the country, go on adventure rides (aka we got slightly location displaced) and it’s the quickest way to learn how to navigate through a new city or place 🙂

  28. Happy Birthday Ironchicks!!!!

    I wold love to win the Aqua Swell one piece – my poor old swimmers are about to say hi to the rubbish bin!

  29. I would love a cycology t as I now really love riding my bike since I have overcome the fear of un cleating and smallish hills, and to go out on my own and say out loud I did it with each new goal I conquer all be it small.

  30. Love riding my bike during the week cause it gets me to work in the same time as pt and exercise done! Love it on the weekend cause it takes me out for coffee with mates. Thanks Monday (that’s my bike’s name!) ps she did great guns at the Sunshine Coast on her first out of town adventure!!

  31. Aqua Swell is a lovely confidence booster for this mama of 6 who learned to swim 2 years ago and only has 1 ocean swim under her belt!