A little about me…

I believe women can achieve amazing things when they put their mind to it and surround themselves with positive and encouraging people.  I love nothing more than running with friends, swimming with the sun on my back or riding to take in a view of a coastline or mountain edge.  I guess it’s my ‘me’ time.  I love my family and my work too, but when I exercise I tend to reconnect with myself, my thoughts and my body.  A relationship I have been working on for a decade now!

I am a Mum to two children, Mr Mini (9) and Miss Diva (6).  My husband, Mr ironchick has been competing in Ironman triathlons for over 20years. Exercise is part of our families daily life.

I am a teacher by trade and still love working with kids.   The key elements of Education are about building relationships, feeling small successes and using these to strive further and achieve…… how beautifully these concepts align with sport!!!  PERFECT!!

Runner – Swimmer – Cyclist – Yogi

15 years ago a good friend of mine gave me her bike! I feel in love INSTANTLY.  The whole concept of riding to get somewhere and seeing amazing things was addictive.  The social aspect of cycling made taking up the sport quite easy.   At this stage I could already swim a little, I figured I may as well start learning how to run so I could do a triathlon.  I started running from NO running at all.   I still remember those first few months of running.  Boy did they hurt.  1km non-stop, 2km non-stop and I remember the big one making it over our local hill and back, a total of 3km.  After a while the running fitness just kicked in. As for yoga – I LOVE yoga, but it hurts!  My favourite thing in the world is having a good, ol’ chin wag!

Multi-Ironman finisher & Liv/Giant ambassador

As I write this I have competed in ten Ironman triathlon events (two pre-kids, seven post-kids) and I am training up for the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships in October. YAY!

I am an ambassador for Liv.  Liv/giant is a cycling brand all about the female cyclist.  Their campaigns encourage more women to get on bikes so they can lead happier, healthier and more adventurous lives through cycling.

Enough about me… this is a forum for like minded women.  We want to hear about you and your stories.  Whether your iron event is a 5km run or a 10km ocean swim, register now, share your thoughts & inspire others!

Welcome to IronChicks

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