Instagram; who to follow and a mini-debrief

Who to follow on Instagram and a mini debrief

When I’m not working, training, napping or hanging with the family, I’m on Instagram. I dig a quick Insta photo fix. I also love how I can tag friends without anyone knowing, especially on the really inappropriate stuff… #guilty I know I should write that the images motivate and inspire me, but they don’t really. […]

10 Honest truths about Ironman

honest truths about Ironman triathlon

We love the sport of triathlon, particularly Iron-distance races, but I recently felt it was about time we told some of the honest truths about Ironman. Good, bad, ugly and a little light hearted. Obviously these are just ten things I’ve noticed, feel free to add anything to the comments below…..     1.  Costs […]

Never too old to Tri

too old for triathlon

Early this year, a friend of mine Laura met some amazing women during a 4-5 day Purplepatch camp in Kona.  One of them, Celia at the young age of 67 left a lasting impression with Laura and many of the other female camp-goers.  It doesn’t surprise me – Celia has it all; funny stories, positive mantras, life […]

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